2020 Corn Maze

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This year we had to scrap part of our first plan as the available acreage for the maze would not accommodate our whole design. Back to the planning table, we adjusted our thinking to fit the field.

We also were aware of Covid restrictions and changing guidelines for our guests’ safety. We wanted to keep the more narrow connection paths to a minimum and expand the path designs so the bulk of the maze was made up of the wider paths.

The overall theme was the United States of America. We sought a common denominator within each state…the possibilities are vast! However, as we considered how our guests might enjoy solving the design as they followed paths here and there, it became clear that the enormous waterway system in this country was the ticket!

Once the actual rivers were picked and drawn out on our graph paper, the connectors were plotted, the standard “G” “F” were placed along with the year and overall clue “USA,” it was time for our final challenge to begin. We started to brainstorm clues to help our guests consider the geographic knowledge! The whole family was engaged to participate in this endeavor. We decided to limit the clues to 26. Perspectives included sports team jargon, history, industry, entertainment field, geographics, flora, fauna, directional clues and more. We will attach the clue sheet answers, blueprint and aerial below.

For the younger crowd, we placed 5 photos of different animal species found in the United States as well.

We hope our guests enjoyed solving the maze as much as we did creating it! At this time the wheels are spinning for next year’s maze… Hope to see you there!

See the below sketch to see each river and animal!

2020 Sketch & Legend

2020 Sketch & Legend

  1. The first of the states alphabetically. Roll Tide Roll.
    • Alabama
  2. The home county of the Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers.
    • Allegheny
  3. It travels through Pueblo, Wichita, Tulsa, and Little Rock. Razorbacks.
    • Arkansas
  4. It travels through the Grand Canyon. The “Centennial” State.
    • Colorado
  5. One of the world’s largest sources of hydroelectric power.
    • Columbia
  6. Sully used me as a runway. This was the eastern outlet for the Erie Canal. “New York State of Mind.”
    • Hudson
  7. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn live near me.
    • Mississippi
  8. “Show Me” State, Ozarks, Tigers, and Lewis and Clark.
    • Missouri
  9. Our western neighbor. Buckeye.
    • Ohio
  10. Rhymes with the word “flat.” “Cornhusker” State.
    • Platte
  11. A three letter primary color.
    • Red
  12. Forms part of a border. 1950 John Ford film with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.
    • Rio Grande
  13. “Golden State” Capital. You may find River Cats (AAA minor league baseball).
    • Sacramento
  14. Forms most of the border between GA and SC. Female friend of Jay Jay the Jet Plane.
    • Savannah
  15. Black, Garter, Viper, or Copperhead.
    • Snake
  16. Runs through Keystone Capital.
    • Susquehanna
  17. Chattanooga. Rocky Top. Great Smokies
    • Tennessee
  18. Ohiopyle and Dimple Rock.
    • Youghiogheny
  19. Eskimos. Iditarod.
    • Alaska
  20. Joined in 1959. Stairway to Heaven.
    • Hawaii
  21. 1976 film by Stewart Raffill called Across the Great Divide. West = Pacific. East = Atlantic.
    • Continental Divide
  22. There are 154. Allegheny. Black Hills.
    • US National Forests
  23. There are over 250,000.
    • Rivers in US
  24. Lowest and hottest place in US.
    • Death Valley
  25. Oldest known tree in US 4,800 years old
    • Bristlecone Pine Tree
  26. There are five. Fresh H2O. 84% of North America’s surface fresh water.
    • Great Lakes

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