2015 Corn Maze

Tap or scroll mouse across picture for better maze viewing. If you see a star, tap or click to see the hint!

The maze design this year was created to celebrate two special events. Our son, Michael was married earlier this year. So to honor their union, we planned two inter-locking hearts with a letter "M" inside the one and the letter "C" inside the other for our daughter-in-law, Cassie. The second occasion is a bit obscure even to many local folks, but it was fun bringing it to light! In a small community located just 30 miles from the maze, a mysterious phenomenon occurred in 1965. It has been the subject of several research projects and interesting discussions over the past 50 years! All you need to do is look up "Kecksburg UFO" on your favorite search engine. Doing so, we learned that the small town of Kecksburg forefront of worthwhile project.

The layout was perfect to allow for our hearts to be interlocking from top to bottom rather than side by side and then to center the acorn shaped UFO outline in the center of the word "KECKSBURG" as it flowed nicely from the top left diagonally down to bottom center and then ended near the top right of the 2-1/2 acre field. Finally, placement of our signature letters completed the design by borrowing the "G" from Kecksburg and simply extending the paths to form our "F."

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

2015 Sketch

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