2014 Corn Maze

Tap or scroll mouse across picture for better maze viewing. If you see a star, tap or click to see the hint!

This year we were once again challenged, by having several events to commemorate, with the message in the maze. We knew that we wanted to celebrate our 15 years of creating and your 15 years of patronage! It is hard to believe there have already been so many seasons we've shared. Thank you to all who have helped keep us going!

We also knew that we wanted to focus on a very big event in our family; the marriage or our daughter which took place on the farm this summer! We confounded many by using just their now common initials. JRD followed by the infinity symbol.

Finally, we felt compelled to promote the great efforts of so many members of our community who rallied in support of the children and adults who were so tragically affected by the horrific violence at our high school (Franklin Regional) last spring. GF is proud to support the FR strong project. So in combining all of these events, the maze was created with a combination of 32 numbers and letters plus one shape and it depicted 3 separate messages!

2014 Sketch
2014 Sketch

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