2011 Corn Maze

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In memory of those who died. In honor of those who carry on. We designed this year’s maze with heartfelt remembrances of the tragedy that occurred in our country at the hands of terrorists on 09-11-2001. We wanted to help people recognize how truly fortunate we, who survived, were that day. 

We started with the outline of the state of Pennsylvania as the base of our design. Next, we included 4 points of interest that were designated by metal t-posts. Just off the eastern border was a path which ended at a circle containing 2 t-posts, painted blue and buff (New York State colors.) The one t-post was topped with a light saber, designating the North Tower radio antenna. As visitors walked on around the state border and found a new path, to take them south from PA, they would happen upon another dead end. But within this area were placed 5 t-posts, each one being painted red, white and blue. They were positioned at the base of the second “1” in the 9-11 paths. After pondering the symbolism, the maze goers could follow various pathways. Upon venturing into a letter shaped like an “H”, they would find an area marked by a single t-post painted blue and gold (Pennsylvania State colors) with a sign attached bearing the words “A PA Field.” Geographically, this post was located in the south central area of Pennsylvania. Finally, as they walked through the letter “T” in what represented southwestern Pennsylvania, about 70 miles from the “PA Field.”  It was designated by a single t-post painted red holding a sign that read, “This farm uses International Harvester Tractors.”

The majority of our customers did a superb job of deciphering the message except for that last point of interest. So we had some fun helping them understand that the last point of interest designated the corn maze and Gearhard Farms!  Talk about being able to see the “light bulb come on!” Repeatedly people recognized the geographic significance of the 4 points of interest and shared with us in solemn remembrance and thanks to those who gave all that fateful day.

2011 Sketch
2011 Sketch

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