2008 Corn Maze

Tap or scroll mouse across picture for better maze viewing. If you see a star, tap or click to see the hint!

If you were one of over 2,000 visitors this year, this will sound familiar: 13 objects, 9 of which are significant to the general theme of the maze. To help you identify the 9 significant objects, we have placed 63 t-posts in strategic locations throughout the paths. Take a clipboard and pencil and paper and go for a walk – mark down what you see and we’ll check out how you do when you’ve made it through.

Those folks with an eye to the sky were our most successful corn-maze sleuths. The 2008 corn maze was designed as a tribute to Grandpa John, who taught planetarium in high school. He studied the books but then developed his lesson plans by locating the constellations in the night sky with his oldest son, Herb (then about 16 years old) after loading the last hay bale on the wagon. Herb later learned more about the night sky through his role as Cub Master for Mike’s Cub Scout pack – 213 out of Export.

Corn-maze 2008 depicted 9 different constellations; 5 of which are the *circumpolar constellations - those that are visible year-round in the Northern Hemisphere. Plus 4 we enjoy looking for (after the last hay bale is on the wagon!) The additional but less significant objects were the moon, the “G”, the “F”, and the arrow that started in the Big Dipper and ended at the North Star (the first star in the handle of the Little Dipper)

Each t-post represented a star in the constellations, each constellation had its own color – see the legend below to help you identify those 9 significant objects!

*Cassiopeia – red *Cepheus – white Canis Minor - light blue
Orion – black Lepus the Hare – brown Canis Major – fluorescent yellow
*Big Dipper – orange *Little Dipper – dark blue *Draco the Dragon - green

2008 Sketch
2008 Sketch

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